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Lynn United for Change endorses Michael Satterwhite for Mayor

Michael is committed to a better and more inclusive future for Lynn. He has the experience, training, and skills for the job and he also has the fresh perspective and independence needed to bring much-needed change to city hall.

He has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by Lynn residents, with a long history of community involvement and lived experience as a former Lynn Public Schools student from a working class family who endured housing instability as a child.

Michael has made the strongest commitment to acting with urgency to address out-of-control housing costs that are hurting both renters and homeowners.

Michael will insist on development that includes and benefits Lynn residents, instead of excluding and displacing us. One of the other candidates, City Councilor Darren Cyr, has a record of supporting tax breaks for wealthy developers and luxury housing. Councilor Cyr supports the kind of segregated luxury-only development we're now seeing downtown, and has opposed efforts to make sure new developments include some homes affordable for current Lynn residents. Michael Satterwhite takes the opposite approach: he is clear that the needs of Lynn residents take priority, not favors for wealthy, politically connected investors.

Michael is the only candidate of color in the contest; this could be a history-making moment for Lynn, and that is important. But we wouldn’t endorse anyone unless they supported progressive policies that will make a real difference for the people of our city. Michael is committed to exactly those kinds of policies on everything from housing (for example, a strong inclusionary zoning rule), to immigrant rights (advocating for driver’s license access regardless of status and ensuring local police are separate from ICE), to economic justice for people of all backgrounds, to fighting structural racism. And critically, he believes in engaging the community and using the office to mobilize the grassroots to help turn those commitments into results.

What about experience? Michael has long and varied experience as a School Committee member, lawyer, business-owner, father, husband, volunteer, and longtime Lynn resident. He knows how City Hall works, but he also has the fresh perspective to understand what needs to change and the independence from the political establishment to stand up for the people of this city.

A note on worker rights: Michael is a strong supporter of worker rights. He supports labor and has long understood the huge difference unions can make thanks to family members who have worked union jobs at GE. Michael himself has a history working directly for a large union as an attorney, fighting to protect worker rights and educating union members on immigration and housing issues. He has also been endorsed by the Officers of Teamsters Local 42.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all three candidates in this race, and we commend all of them for taking the time to respond to our questions.

  • The deadline to register to vote in the preliminary election has passed. US citizens who are at least 18 years old can vote, but need to be registered!
  • If you know anyone who needs to get registered before the final election later in the fall, help them do it now. Registering is easy:
    • register online (or confirm your status or update address) at
    • or register at Lynn City Hall, Room 203 - they will be GLAD to help you sign up, and it just takes a minute. Wear a mask. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 AM to 4 PM, Tuesday 8:30 AM to 8 PM, Friday 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Make sure everyone you know who is eligible is registered. Think especially about:
    • people who have not voted before (local elections are important!)
    • people who might not have voted recently (there’s real competition this year!)
    • people who have moved recently (they should update their address)
    • people who turned 18 recently, or turned 18 in the past few years… or will turn 18 soon. (16 and 17 year olds can fill out the form to "pre-register"

Do you care about affordable homes and good jobs for Lynn residents? Do you want development that helps local people instead of pushing us out of our community? Do you believe in civil rights, racial justice, and fair treatment for immigrants? The new mayor will have a big impact on these issues.

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WHERE do I vote?
Check this list of voting locations, or look up your voting location by address, or call City Hall, or call 781-346-9199. Use this link if you live in another city or town (outside of Lynn).
How can I make a difference?
If you're a registered voter, make sure to vote. But don't stop there. Whether you are a voter or not, you should also talk to family and friends about voting. Encourage them to register, then make a plan about when they'll vote and how they'll get to their voting location. Check if they know where to vote. Share this page ( ) via social media, text message, whatsapp, etc. Remind people to vote the day before the election and again on election day.
What are my rights as a voter?
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What if my right to vote is violated?
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¿Le preocupan las viviendas asequibles y los buenos trabajos para los residentes de Lynn? ¿Quiere un desarrollo que ayude a la población local en lugar de expulsarnos de nuestra comunidad? ¿Cree en los derechos civiles, la justicia racial y el trato justo para los inmigrantes? El nuevo alcalde tendrá un gran impacto en estos temas. (¡Vamos a tener detalles sobre nuestro endorso muy pronto!)

  • Las elecciones preliminares se acercan pronto , el 14 de septiembre. Solo dos de los candidatos pasarán y uno será eliminado, ¡así que esta elección es importante!
  • La fecha límite para registrarse para votar en esta elección ya pasó. ¡Los ciudadanos estadounidenses que tengan al menos 18 años de edad pueden votar, pero deben estar registrados!
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